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#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Steve Satek and Amber Holst of Great Lakes Clinical Trials

This week, Laura and Sara are joined by Steve Satek, President and Founder of Great Lakes Clinical Trials, and special guest, Great Lakes Director of Marketing, Amber Holst. Great Lakes specializes in the study of investigational medications, food products, devices and supplements for the treatment of chronic diseases, notably in Mental Health, Memory Disorders and Pain Management. Steve is one of the passionate, dedicated leaders in Alzheimer’s research and Great Lakes is determined to find a way to prevent the disease from occurring in aging older adults. With two locations in Arlington Heights and Chicago, you can find Great Lakes just around the corner at 5149 N. Ashland.

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(from left) Steve with Amber, Sara and Laura in Transistor’s Studio C.

(from left) Steve with Amber, Sara and Laura in Transistor’s Studio C.

Here are some references from Episode 34 you may want to check out:

  • Steve has been working in the field of clinical research for the last 25 years. His education is in biochemistry and molecular biology. He spent a good amount of time as bench researcher, but didn’t find it very social. What is a bench researcher? Check out this informative blog post.

  • Steve started working clinical trials for cancer treatments while working at Northwestern University, and he worked his way up to bigger trials for larger clinics. He soon discovered he preferred a smaller clinic setting, leading him to open Great Lakes Clinical Trials in 2014 in Andersonville.

  • Steve was recently named by Crain’s Chicago as one of the most notable LGBTQ Executives for 2018. Check out the full article here, and Steve’s feature here.

  • Great Lakes is servicing a growing community of older LGBTQ adults.

  • Steve has always wanted to bring a clinic to a community, as opposed to bringing a community to a clinic. The opening of Great Lakes Clinical Trials allowed Chicago’s north side population to have somewhere closer to travel to as one of only a few clinics in the Chicagoland area. Steve also mentions the close proximity to Swedish Covenant Hospital and the partnership of services provided there.

“We need medications to maintain general public health, and the only way to get them approved for prescription is through the clinical trial process.”
-Steve Satek

  • What is a clinical trial and how do people enroll? First, a team of board certified physicians assess each volunteer patient to make sure the individual qualifies for the trial. All of the trials at Great Lakes are free for the patient. View current studies here.

  • According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.7 million Americans are living with the disease. Steve has been doing Alzheimer’s research for nearly 20 years. There are only four medications approved by the FDA right now to treat memory loss, but none of them specifically target Alzheimers. Great Lakes is working to target the source of memory loss in the brain; not just treating the side effect of memory loss.

  • To get the word out about Great Lakes Clinical Trials, Steve and his team do informative workshops around Chicagoland to encourage participation in trials. View upcoming events here.

  • Steve has lived in Andersonville since 1991. He knows that active older adults in the neighborhood want to participate in research studies, and offering the convenience of a nearby clinic is invaluable.

Chicago Alzheimer’s Awareness Day will be celebrated on Thursday, November 8.

Chicago Alzheimer’s Awareness Day will be celebrated on Thursday, November 8.

Thursday, November 8 has been named Chicago’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Day by Mayoral Proclamation. Patients who have participated in past research studies will speak to help educate the community on why these type of studies are so important.  Special guests include both Alderman Osterman of the 48th Ward and Alderman O’Connor of the 40th Ward. Learn more about the event. RSVP for the event in advance.

  • The event will also feature free genetic cheek swabs to determine whether or not the Alzheimer’s gene is present, as well as memory screening. Individuals can also sign up for free memory screenings at any point at Great Lakes Clinical Trials.

  • Great Lakes is also conducting prevention trials with older adults, who may have the genetics to develop Alzheimer’s, but are not yet exhibiting systems. Prevention trials are for ages 60-70 and 70-75.

  • If given the chance to switch places with an Andersonville business for the day, Steve would choose to switch places with our very own Sara Dinges of the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce staff! Amber would choose to switch places with AlleyCat Comics (5304 N. Clark).

Purple ribbons line Clark Street in Andersonville in honor of November’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Purple ribbons line Clark Street in Andersonville in honor of November’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Visit Great Lakes Clinical Trials on these platforms:
Instagram: @greatlakesCT
Twitter: @greatlakesCT

Crain’s Chicago Business Names Steve Satek One of Chicago’s Notable LGBTQ Executives

Chicago, IL – Great Lakes Clinical Trials Founder and President, Steve Satek, is one of Crain's Chicago Business’ Chicago's Notable LGBTQ Executives 2018.

Satek is being recognized for, among other things, his leadership at Great Lakes Clinical Trials which has greatly contributed to it being one of Chicago’s leading clinical research centers.  Great Lakes Clinical Trials was established on the principle of making clinical study opportunities more convenient and comfortable for patients.  This means providing easily accessible locations within neighborhood communities, including Andersonville and Arlington Heights, as well as creating a welcoming atmosphere to patients of all backgrounds, ages and sexual orientations.

Steve Satek, President Great Lakes Clinical Trials 

Steve Satek, President
Great Lakes Clinical Trials 

Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss are key areas of research for Satek and the team at Great Lakes Clinical Trials. “In recent years we have made good progress towards a cure,” commented Mr. Satek. “There are often a lot of uncertainties in research, but one thing we know for sure is that we will never have a new medication to help treat or prevent Alzheimer’s disease without the participation of older adults in our current research trials.”

By 2030, there will be nearly five million adults aged 60 and older in the U.S. who identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual.  As advanced age is a key risk factor or Alzheimer’s, Satek has created a community-based, LGBTQ-friendly center where volunteers and care partners can comfortably participate in clinical trials.

“At Great Lakes Clinical Trials, we are patient focused.  We do not see color, race, religion or sexual orientation, but rather we see neighbors, friends and our community,” added Satek.  “Diversity is one of the things I cherish most about growing up and living in the Chicago area.  We are all equals, and I could not be prouder to be recognized for the welcoming culture established at Great Lakes Clinical Trials.”

The research center led by Satek recently joined the Global Alzheimer’s Platform (GAP) Foundation’s invitation only national network of the leading clinical trial sites in Alzheimer’s research. On learning of the Crain’s announcement,  GAP’s president, John Dwyer said, “GAP congratulates Crain’s excellent judgement in selecting Steve as one of Chicago’s Notable LGBTQ Executives. Steve is one of the passionate, dedicated leaders in Alzheimer’s research and shares our commitment to providing access to Alzheimer’s clinical trials to anyone interested in finding a cure for this invidious disease--a disease that does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion or sexual orientation.  Alzheimer’s research and Chicago are lucky to have Steve Satek and Great Lakes Clinical Trials in this fight; the recognition of his leadership is very much deserved.”

For more information about the ongoing research at Great Lakes Clinical Trials, visit:

The announcement was made in Crain’s August 27th print edition as well as online at  This section profiles Chicago's notable LGBTQ executives, specifically those who are advancing their industries and/or workplace equality.

About Great Lakes Clinical Trials

Great Lakes Clinical Trials is an independent, community-based research clinic.  With two Chicago area locations in Andersonville and in Arlington Heights, the Great Lakes team have managed more than 525 clinical trials over the past 25 years and are committed to providing quality services for both study volunteers & the research industry. Great Lakes Clinical Trials specializes in the study of investigational medications, food products, devices and supplements for the treatment of chronic diseases, notably in Mental Health, Memory Disorders, Pain Management, Nutrition and Dermatology. For more information, please visit


To learn more or to inquire about interviews, please contact:
Steve Malito, Media Relations
Great Lakes Clinical Trials
Office: (773) 275-3500
Fax: (773) 275-3501

Steve Satek Presents A Lecture Entitled "Embracing the Future of Alzheimer's Disease"

Steve Satek, Co-Founder of Great Lakes Clinical Trials

Steve Satek, Co-Founder of Great Lakes Clinical Trials

As part of the free Alzheimer’s Research: Get Informed, Get Involved lecture series sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association Greater Illinois Chapter, Steve Satek, President and Co-Founder of Great Lakes Clinical Trials will be presenting a lecture entitled "Embracing the Future of Alzheimer's Disease". The event will take place on Thursday May 4, 2017 from 2:00-3:00 p.m

"I'm proud to be involved in this lecture series," commented Mr. Satek, who also serves on the Alzheimer's Association Greater Illinois Chapter Medical & Scientific Advisory Board. "These programs provide the opportunity to discuss current trends, efforts and directions in dementia research. We are making great strides in Alzheimer's research and these presentation are a means to get the word out to those who want to make a difference in finding a prevention or cure." 

This dynamic presentation will provide the latest updates on Alzheimer's research and discuss the impact of clinical trials on the future of treatments. Join us to learn about the latest updates on Alzheimer's research, including:

• Current efforts to fight Alzheimer's disease in your community
• The role research plays in developing the next generation of treatments
• Explore the benefits of being a study participant; Engage in TrialMatch®

The Alzheimer's Association will also be on site to provide an overview of services and each participant will receive access to the Alzheimer's Association's TrialMatch® registry.

The event will be hosted by Loyola Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, Professional Office Building Room E, F & G, located at 701 W. North Ave in Melrose Park, IL.   Registration is required for this FREE series - to RSVP, call 847.324.0393 or email

To download a copy of the event flyer click HERE


Great Lakes Clinical Trials Attends Swedish Covenant Hospital Benefit

Swedish Covenant Hospital's 61st Annual Benefit Gala, Kaleidoscope, was held on October 22, 2016. The event was a huge success, breaking fundraising records by raising nearly $1 million to benefit the Patient Care Fund at Swedish Covenant Hospital. The Patient Care Fund was created to support employee-driven creative solutions to enhance the overall patient experience at Swedish Covenant Hospital. Attended by almost 900 guests including hospital physicians and community leaders, the gala was an evening of dining, celebration and entertainment complete with fabulous silent auction packages.

Great Lakes Clinical Trials was well represented by Co-Founders, Steve Satek and Dean Hervochon, along with Neuropsychologist, Dr. Linda Rice.  "We are proud to work in a community with a world-class hospital like Swedish Covenant Hospital, " commented Mr. Satek. "We have had the honor of engaging with a number of their physicians and I'm constantly amazed at not only the quality of their work, but the high level of care and compassion for their patients."

Dean Hervochon, Dr. Linda Rice, Heidi Berke and Steve Satek at Swedish Covenant Hospital's Annual Gala

Dean Hervochon, Dr. Linda Rice, Heidi Berke and Steve Satek at Swedish Covenant Hospital's Annual Gala

Great Lakes Clinical Trials Kicks off "Memory Monday" Compaign

As part of our commitment to improving the health of our senior community, Great Lakes Clinical Trials is kicking off a new campaign called "Memory Monday".  Every Monday, Great Lakes Clinical Trials memory research team will be offering free memory assessments for adults 50 years and older.  These events will take place at Great Lakes Clinical Trials' offices in Chicago and Arlington Heights (at the Lutheran Home Wellness Center).  In addition, the team will be taking this campaign on the road to to various senior community centers and other meeting places. 

There is currently HOPE for preventing or stopping the progression of memory loss.  There have been significant new medical advances in the development of treatments which target the source of memory loss and Alzheimer's disease.  The currently available prescription medications, over-the-counter remedies, and other therapies are only temporary, "band-aid" approaches that do not work for all people. We are researching a cure and are looking for volunteers who are motivated to help make a difference.

The memory assessment lasts approximately one hour.  Results of the memory assessment will be used to determine if you pre-qualify for any one of our free research programs, though there is no obligation to join a trial.   We are currently enrolling volunteers who do not have any memory problems onto research programs to help develop a prevention for Alzheimer's disease. Other programs are underway for those individuals who are just starting to notice a greater number of memory lapses. We also have programs for those who have already been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.  

Call (773) 275-3500 to learn more about our Memory Monday program or click here to contact our staff and set up an appointment.  


Steve Satek Accepts Committee Appointment with the Alzheimer's Association

Steve Satek, Great Lakes Clinical Trials President, is proud to have accepted an invitation to participate on the Alzheimer's Association, Greater Illinois Chapter, Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee for 2016.

"I am truly honored to accept this position," commented Mr. Satek.  "Our Great Lakes Clinical Trial research team has worked tirelessly to fulfill our mission of educating the people of Chicagoland about the exciting developments in Alzheimer's disease research.  The Alzheimer's Association has been an amazing leader in this area and I look forward to collaborating to expand the outreach and message across our State."

The services of the Alzheimer's Association, Greater Illinois Chapter, rank at the top in the nation and serve as the national model in many instances. Illinois is among the states with the highest estimated number of people with Alzheimer's disease, currently at 210,000.  By the year 2025, it is projected that Illinois will have 260,000 people with Alzheimer's - up by 24 percent over current numbers.  In 2016, our Chapter is committed more than ever to inform, educate, support and provide hope to all throughout Illinois who are affected by dementia.

If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about participation in Alzheimer's disease research studies, please call Great Lakes Clinical Trials at (773) 275-3500 or visit our website at


Great Lakes' Investigator, Dr. Kevin Maki, Co-Authors National Lipid Association Paper on Management of Dyslipidemia

Kevin C Maki, PhD, CLS, FNLA, Investigator at Great Lakes Clinical Trials (GLCT) and Chief Science Officer at the Midwest Center for Metabolic & Cardiovascular Research (MC-MCR) recently participated on a panel of independent experts, which reaffirmed the importance of setting cholesterol goals for the prevention of heart attack and stroke.  The National Lipid Association (NLA) released the new recommendations in a paper published in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology (2014) 8, 473–488

The recommendations highlight the importance of doctors and patients setting cholesterol goals and focusing on patient’s risk and risk factors, rather than on specific categories of medication. The recommendations take into account that each patient’s unique medical and personal history requires a multifaceted approach to prevention and treatment.

The NLA panel’s consensus emphasizes that a more comprehensive measure of cholesterol-related risk called non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (non-HDL-C) is a better primary target for treatment than the traditionally reported LDL-C, which is commonly referred to as the “bad cholesterol.”   The non-HDL cholesterol is simply the difference between the total cholesterol concentration and the HDL, or “good cholesterol,” and can be obtained in the non-fasting state without additional cost.

“Our research clinic is committed to investigating new treatments and therapies for the management of cholesterol levels,” commented Steve Satek, President of Great Lakes Clinical Trials. “We are pleased to have someone with Dr. Maki’s expertise on our team as a service to our patients and pharmaceutical/nutritional clients.” 

If you are a patient interested in setting up an appointment for a free cholesterol screen, please click here.  In addition, pharmaceutical and nutrition clients can call our clinic at (773) 275-3500 to set up a time to speak wit Dr. Maki directly.