Great Lakes Clinical Trials Welcomes Gilleon Health to Andersonville

Great Lakes Clinical Trials is pleased to announce that Gileon Health has opened their Andersonville clinic within our medical office suite.

Cherie Gilleon, DO

Cherie Gilleon, DO

Motivated by the belief everyone has a right to excellent healthcare, Dr. Gilleon launched Gilleon Health in August of 2018. Gilleon Health is the culmination of Dr. Cherie Gilleon’s activist spirit and years of experience as a healthcare executive. At Gilleon Health, she has set out to build a judgement-free medical home in which dignity, compassion and respect for everyone is just the start. Whether you are LGBTQ, homeless, undocumented, uninsured, non-binary, cis..... also collectively known as human ..... you deserve access to care.

Dr. Gilleon is a board certified Family Medicine Physician. She completed her training at Amita Saint Joseph Hospital.

“At Gilleon Health, we’re passionate about Primary Care, commented Dr. Gilleon. “For us, Primary Care isn’t an afterthought or part of a corporate strategy to gain market share. We believe exemplary Primary Care can only be achieved when it’s rooted in a trusting relationship built over time. We’re here to help with chronic illness, woman’s health, acute medical conditions, mental health, and gender identity issues. Our office is judgement-free and we welcome all humans…and some canines.”

While Gilleon Health subleases office space from Great Lakes Clinical Trials, there is no common ownership or overlapping financial interest between the two organizations. The close proximity of our offices offers convenient opportunities for Dr. Gilleon patients to participate in clinical trials, and for our research patients to obtain primary care from Dr. Gilleon, but that is the extent of our relationship. Simply put, Gilleon Health and Great Lakes Clinical Trials are kindred spirits and fortunate to be neighbors!

In addition to this Andersonville location, Gilleon Health has also opened a clinic in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. For more information on Gilleon Health, you can visit their website by clicking the button below.