Great Lakes Clinical Trials Collaborates with the Evanston McGaw YMCA for a Groundbreaking Alzheimer's Research Program

Great Lakes Clinical Trials is proud to announce a collaboration with the McGaw YMCA in Evanston, IL to study the effect of exercise on slowing down and/or preventing future memory loss.

The EXERT study is a national, 18-month long, clinical trial to test whether physical exercise can slow the progression of mild memory loss and/or mild cognitive impairment in older adults between the ages of 65-89. It is a Phase III randomized, controlled trial examining the effects of exercise on cognitive function and on biological markers in older adults with mild memory loss. The EXERT study will test whether aerobic training, or stretching/balance/range of motion exercise, can improve memory and thinking skills and other measures of brain health in people with mild memory loss or lapses.

“I am so pleased to be partnering with the McGaw YMCA on this exciting program, which combines Great Lakes Clinical Trials’ significant expertise in memory loss research, with the physical training expertise of the McGaw YMCA team. Participants in this 18-month program will be given free access to the McGAw Y facilities and a private, personal trainer for 2-4 times per week.

We have always known that exercise is good for the heart and the brain, and this is one of the first randomized, controlled clinical trials to scientifically assess this activity.”

Steve Satek, President, Great Lakes Clinical Trials

The EXERT Study is enrolling adults between the ages of 65 and 89 years who:

  • Are experiencing mild memory loss or lapses and/or are diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment

  • Have not been exercising regularly

  • Are in good health otherwise to participate in the study.

To speak to one of our research staff about participation in this program, please call (773) 275-3500 or click here for more information.

About the McGaw YMCA

The McGaw YMCA in downtown Evanston and Great Lakes Clinical Trials collaborate for a groundbreaking Alzheimer’s research study.

The McGaw YMCA in downtown Evanston and Great Lakes Clinical Trials collaborate for a groundbreaking Alzheimer’s research study.

YMCA is the nation’s leading nonprofit for strengthening communities through programs and services that nurture and enrich the lives of our youth, promote healthy living and embed the ideals of social responsibility.

Founded in 1885 to “promote mental, moral, physical and social welfare,” the Evanston YMCA remains true to the spirit of that mission today, although it has expanded to serve everyone in a diverse community.

The Evanston YMCA was renamed the McGaw YMCA in 1984 in appreciation of a major gift from the Foster McGaw family. With about 12,000 members, the McGaw YMCA serves an estimated 20,000 people each year.

The McGaw YMCA has been listening and responding to the community’s most critical social needs for 130 years. Whether developing skills or emotional well-being through education and training, welcoming and connecting diverse demographic populations, bringing youth volunteers together to serve the community, or promoting programs that bring or prevent chronic disease, the McGaw Y fosters the care and respect all people need and deserve.

About Great Lakes Clinical Trials

Great Lakes Clinical Trials is an independent, phase I-IV clinical trials center that specializes in the study of investigational medications, food products, devices and supplements for the treatment of chronic diseases, notably in Mental Health, Memory Disorders, Pain Management, Vaccines, Nutrition and Dermatology. 

All medical services at  Great Lakes Clinical Trials are provided free-of-charge, and are led by board-certified physicians.  We do not bill insurance.  Your information will be kept confidential, unless you ask us to collaborate with your personal physician.  We will provide you with a stipend for your participation - amounts vary based on each study.  Free transportation is also provided for some of our trials.  

With two Chicago area locations in Andersonville and in Arlington Heights, the Great Lakes team have managed more than 450 clinical trials over the past 25 years and are committed to providing quality services for both study volunteers & the research industry.