Research Doctors are Looking for Individuals with Memory Loss

Great Lakes Clinical Trials is now seeking participants for a research study of older adults, ages 60-85, who are starting to experience memory loss, more than would be expected of normal aging.  If you or a loved one are having memory problems that are affecting daily routines, and others are starting to notice those memory problems as well, then this program may be a good option.

The main purpose of this screening program is to identify individuals who are experiencing mild memory loss and also have changes in their brain that could be a sign of having a greater risk for developing Alzheimer's disease in the future.

This research program involves two clinic visits.

  1. At the first visit we will review your medical history, conduct basic memory assessments and perform a ECG.
  2. If you qualify based on the results of your first visit, you will be asked to complete your second visit, which involves a brain scan (called a PET scan) performed at Northwest Community Hospital.  

For your participation, you will receive compensation of $75 for each visit you complete.

Based on the results for these screening tests, the research staff will let you know if you qualify to participate in the second part of the program, which is an 18-month research study of an investigational medication to evaluate the possible slowing of memory loss compared to placebo.  This is called the Periscope Study.  

All study-related medical care, tests and medications are provided at no cost and insurance or Medicare is not required.  In addition, you may receive compensation for your participation.

Interested?  Call 847-310-7480 to set up your appointment or visit our website at