Great Lakes Clinical Trials Initiates Breakfast Cereal Study


Great Lakes Clinical Trials is looking for adult participants for a clinical trial to assess appetite levels after consuming two different breakfast meals.

Qualified participants must:

  • Be regular breakfast eaters, between 40-65 years of age

  • Not be lactose intolerant or allergic to wheat products

  • Not be substantially overweight or obese

  • Not be users of marijuana or any recreational drugs. A drug test will be administered at screening.

 The study involves:

  • One screening visit, lasting approximately 2 hours

  • Two testing days separated by 1 week, with each visit lasting approximately 5 hours in length.

Qualified participants will receive $90 for completing each testing day, up to $180 for the completing the entire study.

If you are interested in joining this trial, sign up by clicking here or visiting One of our staff will be in touch with you within 24 hrs to conduct a short phone screen to determine your eligibility. Otherwise, you can call our center directly at (773) 275- 3500 to speak with one of our staff today.