Great Lakes Clinical Trials Contributes to FDA Approval of First and Only Approved Treatment for Adults with Tardive Dyskinesia


Great Lakes Clinical Trials is pleased to share the announcement from Neurocrine Biosciences related to the FDA Approval of INGREZZA TM (valbenazine) Capsules as the first and only FDA-approved treatment for adults with Tardive Dyskinesia (TD).

Tardive Dyskinesia is characterized by uncontrollable, abnormal and repetitive movements of the trunk, extremities and/or face and is estimated to affect at least 500,000 people in the U.S. Up until this point, there was no available treatment for this debilitating disease.  

"Our team at Great Lakes Clinical Trials is committed to improving the quality of life for patients in our community and around the world,"  commented Steve Satek, President of Great Lakes Clinical Trials. "We are proud to have participated in the development program of valbenazine and give our most sincere thanks and appreciation to the volunteers who participated in this research program at our clinic.  Without clinical trial volunteers, important medications like this would never receive FDA approval and become available by prescription."

To view the full press release from Neurocrine Biosciences, please click here.