Nutritional Shake Research Study for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

GREAT LAKES CLINICAL TRIALS is currently seeking participants for a new clinical trial
assessing the effects of nutritional shakes on glucose levels in patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

Supplemental nutrition drinks (or shakes) provide a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrate, and fat, vitamins and minerals. Diabetes-specific nutritional shakes are specially designed to deliver nutrition and minimize blood glucose spikes after consumption. When used as part of a diabetes management plan, they can help blood glucose control.

THE GOAL of our study is to assess to evaluate the impact of a complete and balanced
diabetes-specific nutritional shake consumed twice daily, on glucose control. Glucose levels will
be measured through a continuous glucose monitor which you will wear throughout the course
of the study.

TO QUALIFY, for this research study, you must be:

• generally healthy
• 30 years old, or older
• current taking oral diabetes medications at least 2 months. You will stay on your current diabetes treatment during the trial.

In addition, you must have an HbA1C value between 7-10%. We will perform a finger stick
measurement at your first visit to confirm, or in case you are not aware of your HbA1c value.

THE STUDY INVOLVES 3 VISITS TO OUR CLINIC. There will be three visits to our clinic on Day 1, Day 6 and Day 14.

• The first visit may last up to 90 minutes. After receiving your study information and
obtaining your consent to proceed, we will perform a fingerstick HbA1C measurement
to determine if your values are in the acceptable range to participate in the study. If
your HbA1c levels fall between 7 and 10% we will continue the visit to evaluate your
health to participate in the trial. If not, you will not be able to continue in the study.
During this first visit we will place a continuous glucose monitor on the back of your
upper arm.
• The second and third visits may last up to an hour.
• There will be a phone call 2-7 days after the study for safety follow-up.

COMPENSATION.  Qualified participants will receive up to $200 for their participation in this
study. Study related care and office visits are provided at no cost. Insurance is not required

TO LEARN MORE about this research program, visit our website at or call our Patient Care Representatives at (773) 275-3500.