Participation in Clinical Trials is the only way we will ever find a way to prevent or cure ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE

Alzheimer’s disease is not just memory loss. It is a deadly disease that affects the structure of your brain. The disease can start 15-20 years before memory problems begin to show. Currently available medications and over-the-counter supplements only treat the memory-loss symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. They do not target the source of memory loss.

Recent advances in technology have given researchers the ability to target the source of Alzheimer’s disease. As a result, new innovative medications are currently being tested to potentially stop, slow down or cure Alzheimer’s disease.

There truly is hope for a prevention or cure.

Whether you have no signs of memory loss, or if you are just starting to experience memory problems that are affecting your daily activities, you may be able to participate in research.

Great Lakes Clinical Trials is currently recruiting volunteers for memory-related studies at our Chicago and Arlington Heights clinics. Our research is conducted by board-certified physicians and psychologists trained at Northwestern University, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center University, and Johns Hopkins University. All research-related services are provided at no cost. In addition, qualified volunteers receive a stipend for their time and transportation services are provided.

Volunteers must be accompanied by a “Study Partner”—someone who can provide detailed information about your activities and your memory. You also must be able and willing to have brain imaging, such as an MRI or PET scan.

If you are currently being seen by a physician, you remain under their care. We will collaborate with your physician to ensure you receive the most thorough medical care.

Call 773-275-3500 to see if you qualify,

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