Nutrition Research Program Expands at Great Lakes Clinical Trials

Since opening its doors nearly 2 years ago, Great Lakes Clinical Trials has been involved in a variety of nutrition and herbal supplement research programs.  These have included the study of food products on cholesterol and insulin levels, the effects of an herbal supplement on cognition, and the gastrointestinal tolerability of dietary fiber, just to name a few.

In conjunction with its partner organization, MB Clinical Research based in Glen Ellyn, IL, Great Lakes Clinical Trials will soon be starting up a series of new research studies assessing food products, oils and dietary supplements.

"These are exciting studies," commented Steve Satek, President of Great Lakes Clinical Trials. "Many local residents want to get involved in the clinical trial process, and these studies are a fantastic way to start.  Most of our nutritional studies are looking for healthy adults to participate. These are individuals who do not have major diseases, who take care of themselves and tend to prefer natural remedies over medicines."

All research activities at Great Lakes Clinical Trials are free-of-charge, including medical exams and study products.  We do not bill insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.  In addition, qualified participants will receive compensation for their participation.

"The hundreds of patients who have participated in our nutritional research programs over the past few years have been truly amazing participants," commented Dr. Emily Lindner, board-certified Internist who serves as Principal Investigator.  "These volunteers have shown commitment to the programs and have been highly compliant with taking their supplements and study products.  This results in excellent study data.  Our patients understand the purpose of clinical trials and how their participation can lead to the development of better nutritional therapies across the globe."

If you are interested in learning more about current programs, please call Great Lakes Clinical Trials at (773) 275-3500.  Our patient care representatives will go through a brief screening over the phone to find the current studies for which you may qualify, or determine if you may be best suited for future trials.   In addition, you can complete a contact form by clicking here, which adds your name to our list of interested participants which we call when new studies open.