Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative: GeneMatch Program

About The Study: 

GeneMatch is a research program of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry to identify a large group of people interested in participating in Alzheimer’s research studies based on their genetic information. 

The information you provide will remain secure and confidential. It will be used to help potentially connect you to research studies. Whether you pursue participation in a study is entirely up to you. You are under no obligation to join any study opportunity that may be offered and can remove yourself from GeneMatch at any time.


The Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry created the GeneMatch program to help match people who are 55- 75 years old to research studies based on their genetic information.

What is Involved: 

GeneMatch will provide you with a cheek swab kit to determine which copies of a gene (known as the APOE type allele) you have. You will not be told your APOE genotype as part of the GeneMatch Program.

GeneMatch may contact you about study opportunities or other based on your APOE genotype. Your interest and response to these study opportunities may be recorded and tracked by the GeneMatch team. You may be invited to complete online education modules and surveys.

Participants will be asked questions regarding the learning material and answers will be recorded and tracked by the GeneMatch team.

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Are 55 to 75 years old
  • Live in the United States
  • Do not have a diagnosis of cognitive impairment, such as mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease, or dementia

How to Join:

Click here to be taken to the GeneMatch website.