Steve Satek Accepts Committee Appointment with the Alzheimer's Association

Steve Satek, Great Lakes Clinical Trials President, is proud to have accepted an invitation to participate on the Alzheimer's Association, Greater Illinois Chapter, Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee for 2016.

"I am truly honored to accept this position," commented Mr. Satek.  "Our Great Lakes Clinical Trial research team has worked tirelessly to fulfill our mission of educating the people of Chicagoland about the exciting developments in Alzheimer's disease research.  The Alzheimer's Association has been an amazing leader in this area and I look forward to collaborating to expand the outreach and message across our State."

The services of the Alzheimer's Association, Greater Illinois Chapter, rank at the top in the nation and serve as the national model in many instances. Illinois is among the states with the highest estimated number of people with Alzheimer's disease, currently at 210,000.  By the year 2025, it is projected that Illinois will have 260,000 people with Alzheimer's - up by 24 percent over current numbers.  In 2016, our Chapter is committed more than ever to inform, educate, support and provide hope to all throughout Illinois who are affected by dementia.

If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about participation in Alzheimer's disease research studies, please call Great Lakes Clinical Trials at (773) 275-3500 or visit our website at