Worried About Your Cholesterol? Don't Like Taking Medications?


Great Lakes Clinical Trials is looking for participants for a research study assessing the effectiveness of a DIETARY SUPPLEMENT on individuals with slightly elevated cholesterol levels.  The dietary supplement being studied contains plant sterols and stanols, also known as “phytosterols”.  These are substances that are naturally found in plant foods, including fruits, vegetables and vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.  

The study lasts approximately 17 weeks and participants will come to our clinic for 7 visits.  To qualify, you must:

  • Be between 21-79 years old and in generally health
  • Have elevated LDL cholesterol as verified by finger stick blood test at your first visit
  • Not currently be taking medications or over-the-counter supplements for high cholesterol
  • Be able to follow a diet to maintain body weight throughout the study
  • Have not been diagnosed with diabetes or have uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Not be currently taking antidepressants

Our research is conducted by board-certified physicians under Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines.  All services at Great Lakes Clinical Trials is free of charge, meaning you will not be charged for study-related care, medications, or exams.

For this study, you will receive up to $350 for your participation.

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