Great Lakes Clinical Trials: An independent phase I-IV clinical trial center

By: The Chicago Doctor
December 2, 2015

Every medication currently available by prescription has gone through an extensive clinical trial process. Hundreds of thousands of patients across the country have volunteered to participate in research so that these medications can be available for future generations.  Chicago now has a world-class, internationally-recognized research clinic to run these important programs, located on the Northside of the city – Great Lakes Clinical Trials.

The team at Great Lakes Clinical Trials’ state-of-the-art facility have conducted more than 450 clinical research studies in indications ranging from: Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Osteoarthritis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Depression, Migraine and Parkinson’s Disease.  Founder Steve Satek, who has over 25 years’ experience and is a well-known specialist in the field of clinical research, brought together seasoned experts to open the clinic.  Their founding philosophy is to remain patient-focused, with impeccable quality.

Great Lakes Clinical TrialsThe team at Great Lakes Clinical Trials includes five board-certified physicians and a neuropsychologist who are focused 100% on conducting clinical research.  This means the clinic does not maintain a private practice.  “We do not have a billing department at Great Lakes Clinical Trials,” commented Satek. “All our trials are free-of charge to our patients and truly complement hospital and private practices across the city.   This allows us to be totally patient-focused and referring physicians are not concerned about losing their patients to another practice.”  The concept implemented by Great Lakes Clinical Trials is that access to research trials should be available to all clinicians across the region.  The referral process should be easy and Great Lakes Clinical Trials takes the necessary steps to keep the referring physicians informed of their patients’ progress throughout the clinical trial.

Alzheimer’s disease is at the forefront of Great Lakes Clinical Trials research. This is an exciting time to be involved in Alzheimer’s research.  There hasn’t been a new Alzheimer’s medication approved since 2003 and the currently available medications only treat the symptoms of the disease.  The new wave of medications being researched are actually ‘disease modifying compounds’ which target the source of disease itself.  With today’s PET scan technology, researchers are able to see who is already at risk of developing the disease and whether the compound is working or not.

Great Lakes Clinical Trials is also actively conducting a trial in major depressive disorder.  The research focuses on a novel medication with an expected immediate onset of action.  “This is also an exciting time in depression research,” said Satek.  “We haven’t seen significant breakthroughs since the days of SSRIs and SNRIs being approved.”

As a private, community-based clinic, Great Lakes Clinical Trials is changing the landscape of research in the Chicago area.  To learn more about the studies being conducted at Great Lakes Clinical Trials and how to refer your patients for participation, visit its website at or call (773) 275-3500.

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