Great Lakes Clinical Trials Debuts New TV Ad for Memory Loss: Click to View!

Great Lakes Clinical Trials is recruiting adult volunteers, between the ages of 60-85 for a study to assess the effect of an investigational medication on slowing down memory loss. You can view a copy of the TV ad design for the study below.

“Our primary means for informing the general public about our research studies has been through social media (Facebook) and educational talks within the community,” commented Steve Satek, President of Great Lakes Clinical Trials. “In this case, we partnered with a marketing group to develop this clip which will run on a variety of cable networks over the coming weeks. We are excited to try this new avenue of outreach!”

This research program is running at both our Chicago/Andersonville and our Arlington Heights locations. For more information click the button below.

Research Study for Memory Lapses

 Are you worried that memory loss is more than just ordinary forgetfulness?  If so, you might be interested in the TRAILBLAZER-ALZ Study.

The TRAILBLAZER-ALZ Study will examine an investigational drug may help to slow or stop memory loss. There is no cost to participate. Participants will receive all study-related care from a research doctor at no cost and may be compensated per study site visit for time and travel expenses.

Who can join the TRAILBLAZER-ALZ Study? You may be able to take part if you:

•  are 60–85 years of age

•  have had memory loss for 6 months or more that has become gradually worse over time

•  have a family member or close friend who is with you at least 10 hours per week and can attend study appointments with you.

No cost transportation will be provided for this study by Lyft.

If you are interested in joining this trial, visit Otherwise, you can call our center directly at (773) 275-3500 to speak with one of our staff today.


Great Lakes Clinical Trials Initiates a Fiber Bar Study

Volunteer for a Paid Research Study!

Great Lakes Clinical Trials is looking for healthy individuals to assess the effects of a Fiber-containing Sports Bar on glucose and insulin levels.


To Qualify, you must:

  • Be between 18-65

  • Be in generally good health

  • Be able to attend a screening visit lasting approximately 1 hour and three testing visits lasting 3 hours each

  • Be able to provide multiple blood samples on each testing day

Note that other entry criteria will apply and can be discussed with our study staff.

If you qualify, you will receive up to $300 for completing the study. Call (773) 275-3500 or sign up by completing our survey by clicking here.

You can you visit learn more at our website:

Steve Satek To Serve as 2019 Committee Chair for the Global Site Solutions Summit

Steve Satek, Great Lakes Clinical Trials President, is honored to serve as the 2019 Committee Chair for the Global Site Solutions Summit.

“If you had just one clinical trial industry meeting to attend each year, this is the one. It is a purely solutions-based meeting,” commented Satek. “At the Summit, clinical research sites like Great Lakes Clinical Trials, interact in an open and transparent manner with pharmaceutical companies, with the overarching goal of delivering new, quality medical treatments to the general public.”

For the last 13 years, the Global Site Solutions Summit has been committed to being “the site’s meeting.” The Summit provides a unique hub where sites, sponsors, CRO executives and regulators come together and share best practices, build their businesses, and develop new partnerships through debates, ideation sessions, workshops and focus groups. 

SCRS is confident that by increasing site sustainability, all life science stakeholders will realize greater efficiency and profitability, and successfully meet our ultimate commitment to bring safe medical treatments to patients faster.

The 2019 meeting will be held at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida from October 11-13. Registration for the meeting is current open. To learn more, view the Summit Introduction video below or visit

Great Lakes Clinical Trials Now Enrolling for Pioneering Alzheimer’s Prevention Research Program

Great Lakes Clinical Trials in in Chicago and Arlington Heights, IL is now enrolling volunteer participants in a pioneering international Alzheimer’s disease prevention research program. The Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative (API) Generation Program is made up of two clinical trials—Generation Study 1 and Generation Study 2—and will test investigational study medications which aim to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in cognitively healthy people whose genetic makeup puts them at particularly high risk for developing the disease at older ages.

The number of people in Illinois who are age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease is expected to increase 18% by 2025 to a projected 260,000, highlighting the urgency of finding a medical breakthrough. Great Lakes Clinical Trials is one of approximately 190 sites globally participating in the API Generation Program.

Jeffrey Ross, Medical Director

Jeffrey Ross, Medical Director

“We are very excited to be a part of research that could significantly increase our understanding of Alzheimer’s and potentially benefit millions of people around the nation and the world who might be afflicted or at risk of this disease,” said Jeffrey Ross, principal investigator of the Generation Program at Great Lakes Clinical Trials. “Participating in research like the Generation Program is a great way to join the fight against this horrible disease.”

The API Generation Program is the first to incorporate both genetic testing and counseling. Prospective participants referred to the trial will be required to learn if they carry a specific gene that puts them at increased risk to developing Alzheimer’s. Genetic counseling will be provided in person or by phone.

Participants will be recruited via multiple venues, including the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry’s GeneMatch program (, a first-of-its kind program designed to identify a large group of people interested in volunteering for Alzheimer’s research studies, based in part on their genetic information.

To learn more about volunteering for the Generation Program at Great Lakes Clinical Trials, visit, call (773) 275-3500, or go to

The Generation Program is sponsored by Novartis, a Swiss pharmaceutical company, and Amgen, a biotechnology company based in Thousand Oaks, CA, in collaboration with Banner Alzheimer’s Institute in Phoenix, AZ.

Alzheimer’s is a debilitating and incurable disease that is estimated to affect more than 46 million people worldwide according to Alzheimer’s Disease International.


About Great Lakes Clinical Trials

Great Lakes Clinical Trials specializes in the study of investigational medications, food products, devices and supplements for the treatment of chronic diseases, notably in Mental Health, Memory Disorders, Pain Management, Vaccines, Nutrition and Dermatology. All medical services at Great Lakes Clinical Trials are provided free-of-charge, and are led by board-certified physicians.  We do not bill insurance.  Your information will be kept confidential, unless you ask us to collaborate with your personal physician.  We will provide you with a stipend for your participation - amounts vary based on each study.  Free transportation is also provided for some of our trials.   With two Chicago area locations in Andersonville and in Arlington Heights, the Great Lakes team have managed more than 450 clinical trials over the past 25 years and are committed to providing quality services for both study volunteers & the research industry.

About the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative (API) is an international collaborative formed to launch a new era of Alzheimer’s prevention research. Led by the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, the API will conduct prevention trials in cognitively healthy people at increased genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease. It will continue to establish the brain imaging and biological and cognitive measurements needed to rapidly test promising prevention therapies, and to provide registries to support enrollment in future prevention trials. API is intended to provide the scientific means, accelerated approval pathway, and enrollment resources needed to evaluate the range of promising Alzheimer’s prevention therapies and find ones that work without losing another generation. For more information, go to

About GeneMatch

GeneMatch is a research program of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry to help identify individuals who are willing to participate in research studies based in part on their APOE genetic information, the major genetic risk factor for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. The program is optional for people who are enrolled in the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry. It will enroll people who are between 55 and 75 years of age, reside in the U.S., and do not have a diagnosis of dementia or other cognitive impairment syndrome. For more information, go to

Great Lakes Clinical Trials Initiates Breakfast Cereal Study


Great Lakes Clinical Trials is looking for adult participants for a clinical trial to assess appetite levels after consuming two different breakfast meals.

Qualified participants must:

  • Be regular breakfast eaters, between 40-65 years of age

  • Not be lactose intolerant or allergic to wheat products

  • Not be substantially overweight or obese

  • Not be users of marijuana or any recreational drugs. A drug test will be administered at screening.

 The study involves:

  • One screening visit, lasting approximately 2 hours

  • Two testing days separated by 1 week, with each visit lasting approximately 5 hours in length.

Qualified participants will receive $90 for completing each testing day, up to $180 for the completing the entire study.

If you are interested in joining this trial, sign up by clicking here or visiting One of our staff will be in touch with you within 24 hrs to conduct a short phone screen to determine your eligibility. Otherwise, you can call our center directly at (773) 275- 3500 to speak with one of our staff today.

#AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Steve Satek and Amber Holst of Great Lakes Clinical Trials

This week, Laura and Sara are joined by Steve Satek, President and Founder of Great Lakes Clinical Trials, and special guest, Great Lakes Director of Marketing, Amber Holst. Great Lakes specializes in the study of investigational medications, food products, devices and supplements for the treatment of chronic diseases, notably in Mental Health, Memory Disorders and Pain Management. Steve is one of the passionate, dedicated leaders in Alzheimer’s research and Great Lakes is determined to find a way to prevent the disease from occurring in aging older adults. With two locations in Arlington Heights and Chicago, you can find Great Lakes just around the corner at 5149 N. Ashland.

Click here to view this posting on the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce website:

(from left) Steve with Amber, Sara and Laura in Transistor’s Studio C.

(from left) Steve with Amber, Sara and Laura in Transistor’s Studio C.

Here are some references from Episode 34 you may want to check out:

  • Steve has been working in the field of clinical research for the last 25 years. His education is in biochemistry and molecular biology. He spent a good amount of time as bench researcher, but didn’t find it very social. What is a bench researcher? Check out this informative blog post.

  • Steve started working clinical trials for cancer treatments while working at Northwestern University, and he worked his way up to bigger trials for larger clinics. He soon discovered he preferred a smaller clinic setting, leading him to open Great Lakes Clinical Trials in 2014 in Andersonville.

  • Steve was recently named by Crain’s Chicago as one of the most notable LGBTQ Executives for 2018. Check out the full article here, and Steve’s feature here.

  • Great Lakes is servicing a growing community of older LGBTQ adults.

  • Steve has always wanted to bring a clinic to a community, as opposed to bringing a community to a clinic. The opening of Great Lakes Clinical Trials allowed Chicago’s north side population to have somewhere closer to travel to as one of only a few clinics in the Chicagoland area. Steve also mentions the close proximity to Swedish Covenant Hospital and the partnership of services provided there.

“We need medications to maintain general public health, and the only way to get them approved for prescription is through the clinical trial process.”
-Steve Satek

  • What is a clinical trial and how do people enroll? First, a team of board certified physicians assess each volunteer patient to make sure the individual qualifies for the trial. All of the trials at Great Lakes are free for the patient. View current studies here.

  • According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.7 million Americans are living with the disease. Steve has been doing Alzheimer’s research for nearly 20 years. There are only four medications approved by the FDA right now to treat memory loss, but none of them specifically target Alzheimers. Great Lakes is working to target the source of memory loss in the brain; not just treating the side effect of memory loss.

  • To get the word out about Great Lakes Clinical Trials, Steve and his team do informative workshops around Chicagoland to encourage participation in trials. View upcoming events here.

  • Steve has lived in Andersonville since 1991. He knows that active older adults in the neighborhood want to participate in research studies, and offering the convenience of a nearby clinic is invaluable.

Chicago Alzheimer’s Awareness Day will be celebrated on Thursday, November 8.

Chicago Alzheimer’s Awareness Day will be celebrated on Thursday, November 8.

Thursday, November 8 has been named Chicago’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Day by Mayoral Proclamation. Patients who have participated in past research studies will speak to help educate the community on why these type of studies are so important.  Special guests include both Alderman Osterman of the 48th Ward and Alderman O’Connor of the 40th Ward. Learn more about the event. RSVP for the event in advance.

  • The event will also feature free genetic cheek swabs to determine whether or not the Alzheimer’s gene is present, as well as memory screening. Individuals can also sign up for free memory screenings at any point at Great Lakes Clinical Trials.

  • Great Lakes is also conducting prevention trials with older adults, who may have the genetics to develop Alzheimer’s, but are not yet exhibiting systems. Prevention trials are for ages 60-70 and 70-75.

  • If given the chance to switch places with an Andersonville business for the day, Steve would choose to switch places with our very own Sara Dinges of the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce staff! Amber would choose to switch places with AlleyCat Comics (5304 N. Clark).

Purple ribbons line Clark Street in Andersonville in honor of November’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Purple ribbons line Clark Street in Andersonville in honor of November’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Visit Great Lakes Clinical Trials on these platforms:
Instagram: @greatlakesCT
Twitter: @greatlakesCT

Convenient On-line Booking for Memory Assessments

Great Lakes Clinical Trials is pleased to announce a new service for adults over 50 years of age: Online appointment booking for free memory assessments!


Beginning Monday, November 5th, visitors to the Great Lakes Clinical Trials website can now book their own Memory Assessment appointments from the convenience of their computer or smart device — without the need to call into our call center.

At each of these hour-long Memory Assessment appointments, you will meet with one of our trained memory experts, who will perform basic cognitive tests and discuss the results with you. For those between 60-75 years of age, we also provide free (optional) genetic testing for the ApolipoproteinE Alzheimer’s gene. Afterwards our team will also present clinical trial opportunities for which you may be qualified - though there is no obligation to join a study.

“We listened to the feedback from many of our current patients and developed this booking system to give greater control to users in scheduling their appointments,” commented Steve Satek, President of Great Lakes Clinical Trials. “For those who prefer to schedule their appointments over the phone, we will of course continue to offer that options through our main number at (773) 275-3500.”

Booking an appointment is easy as 1-2-3!

1.) Choose a location

Free genetic testing for the ApoE Alzheimer’s Gene, for those between 60-75 years of age

Free genetic testing for the ApoE Alzheimer’s Gene, for those between 60-75 years of age

Using this system, appointments can be booked at both our Chicago office located in the Andersonville neighborhood on the north side of the city, or at our Arlington Heights clinic located on the campus of the Lutheran Home,

2.) Choose your date and time.

Appointments can be booked every hour on the hour, between 8-4pm, Monday through Friday.

3.) Provide your name and contact information.

A confirmation of the appointment will be emailed to you or sent through text messaging.

Please feel free to pass this information along to your family and friends who may be interested in a free memory assessment.