Healthy Eating and Alzheimer's Disease

Source: National Institutes on Aging

Source: National Institutes on Aging

Eating healthy foods helps everyone stay well. It’s even more important for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Here are some tips for healthy eating.

Buying and Preparing Food

When the person with Alzheimer’s disease lives with you:

  • Buy healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain products. Be sure to buy foods that the person likes and can eat.

  • Give the person choices about what to eat—for example, “Would you like green beans or salad?”

  • Buy food that is easy to prepare, such as premade salads and single food portions.

It may be helpful to have someone else make meals or use a service such as Meals on Wheels America, which brings meals right to your home. For more information, contact Meals on Wheels America at 1-888-998-6325 or

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